This has been a big week full of big steps and milestones. 
Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending a meeting for incoming kindergarten parents. Yep…kindergarten. We got some of the scoop on dates and other things that are coming up and to consider. Holy. Smokes. (Thanks Honor for watching them!)
 Wednesday was a day for appointments. In the morning we hit the ENT for a check for Parker. His t-tubes in his ears have been in now for over 2 years. The ENT is ready for them to come out since there is no appearance of fluid and there is no concern over any type of speech delay. It is out-patient surgery to remove them and put a small patch inside his ears to make sure everything heals correctly.
 After a quick park break after the first appointment…

We headed to the pediatrician for our pre-K checkups. Here’s the latest, including everyone’s favorite – their numbers.
Parker is doing good. He passed his eye exam, and they confirmed that he has some super-sensitive hearing. Good that he can hear great, not so great when you’re a kid that deals with sensory issues. While he does have a list of diagnoses that are included on his note to school, he is cleared and there’s no reason that any of them will cause him any concern as he gets started. His g-tube site has healed wonderfully and there won’t be any need for medical intervention at this time – he’s sealed up and great. He did get his finger poked for blood and 2 shots. He is not nearly quite the stud his sister is at getting poked so it was slightly dramatic. He is a whopping 34 pounds, fully clothed and with shoes on which puts him on the at 3% on the growth chart (and gives him a BMI of 0.2%). 

Payton is doing well. She passed her eye and hearing exam with flying colors. She also has a list of growing diagnoses that will accompany her to school. She will continue to be followed by the Hematology doctors for a while. If school starts and she is still receiving drug therapy for her aplastic anemia, we will then go on exploring additional factors to take care of with the school nurses, but right now we need to wait and see what happens. She again instructed her nurses on how to poke her finger for blood. Because the vaccinations they were to get this time are live virus vaccines, and she’s still immune-suppressed, she can’t have any vaccines until she’s finished drug treatment at least 6 months. She spent her time with Dr. Woodford telling him everything he needed to know and correcting him about everything happening with her. She is 46 pounds and right in the middle of the pack for height and weight.

So they’re ready. Kindergarten Ahead and registration are in a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated!

P.S. We stopped at mom's new work so they could meet my new work friends. They were very happy. This would be the college graduating class of 2033. 

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